Dave Woolever

Rebuild & Unite House District 61

I wish to serve the 61st district where I will work to put the needs of the people first. In doing so, I will ensure that our police officers and local law enforcement have the resources necessary to do their job and that includes both training resources and manpower. These men and women put their lives on the line for each of us every day, and now, more than ever, they need our support, and that includes increased funding to help with training so they can be better equipped to do their jobs to the best of their ability.


I will work to protect entrepreneurs and small businesses by ensuring that they receive the support they need in the form of lower taxes and reduced fees so they can rebuild what they lost during the pandemic. The small businessperson is the heart and soul of the American Dream, and I'm committed to introducing legislation that will encourage business growth and business opportunity for all people.


As a lifelong educator I know the importance of encouraging and having parental involvement in the education of their children. It’s something we know helps our children, of all ages, stay engaged in the learning process, which in-turn, results in learning and motivation. I will work to protect parent's rights to know what is occurring in the classroom with their children and provide input in curriculum to their child's school district.  Transparency must exist in all facets of the communication process.  We know that school choice is widely supported and is a pillar in our party.  I will support the parent’s right to school choice as that undoubtedly works to enhance competition amongst all schools and institutions.


Finally, I am running because I want to serve you. While I may be new to politics, I am not new to upholding the constitution because it's the oath I took many years ago.  I believe that is what our Founders envisioned. That people of all walks of life would participate in civic engagement to serve our fellow Americans.  I'm asking for your support, in time and finances, in order to protect our Republic and work together to make HD61 an amazing place for everyone to live!

The Issues




Economy & Small Business


Law Enforcement & Safety


Environmental Stewardship 


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